School Managing Committee(SMC) Details
Teacher Details

At The Sangam School, we value the most invaluable resource- Our teachers.

Our teaching faculty at The School is essential to learning experience of all students. Almost all of the teachers live on the campus and all teach in and out of the classroom are actively involved in the co-curricular education offered to each and every boy. Every teacher is assigned a tutorial group and about eight to ten boys. Academic, pastoral and full guidance are all part of the tutors role and the boys benefit immensely. Outings with tutors to explore the Doon Valley and midterm expeditions strengthen the bonds between the boys and their teachers.

The school has an on-going teacher training and staff inset programme organized by the Teachers’ Centre, in conjunction with the academic deputies and the Headmaster. At The Sangam Children’s Academy, we value our teachers. They, in turn, not only teach the curriculum, but also inculcate an enthusiasm for learning and a questioning, critical disposition.

Our staff consists of:


The Principal is responsible for all areas of educational leadership. This includes the education and welfare of all students, all educational programs, learning outcomes, the management of staff and staff welfare development, financial management of the school, the management of the school property and developing partnerships between the school and the school community.

Deputy Principal

The deputy principal assists the principal in leading and managing the school. The principal and deputy principal form the senior executive in the school. The deputy principal is responsible for the day-to- day organisation of the school and for the welfare of all students and staff. The deputy principal along with the principal is responsible for overseeing the teaching and learning programs in the school.

Head Teachers

Head teachers are an integral part of the school leadership team and their role is to support the principal and deputy principal(s) in leading and managing the school. They are accountable to the principal for the provision of leadership in their specific curriculum area including educational programs, learning outcomes, student welfare, staff welfare, development and management, school and community partnerships and other areas as delegated by the principal. Some head teachers have other specific responsibilities related to school administration and student welfare.

Student Advisers

Student advisers are like the surrogate parent for a particular year (for example Year 8) accepting responsibility for your child's learning and welfare while at school. The student adviser, who works closely with the school's welfare team and your child's classroom teachers, is often the first person a parent should approach to discuss any problems or issues about your child.

Classroom Teachers

Teachers are very important people for students. In high schools, as subjects are more specialised and require more in-depth knowledge, students have several specialist subject teachers.

Career Advisor

The careers adviser is a member of the teaching staff placed in schools to assist students in areas such as subject selection, preparation for the world of work, career planning, selecting appropriate post school options and courses such as those offered by universities and TAFE, application and interview skills and other work related areas. Parents are also welcome to contact the careers adviser to discuss future options for their children.


The teacher-librarian is a member of the school's total teaching staff and as such is actively involved in teaching/learning processes. Teaching is an integral part of the work of the teacher-librarian. An awareness of teaching activities in the classrooms enables the teacher-librarian to be a more effective teacher. The teacher-librarian provides relevant resources (books, videos, tapes, computer programs, internet access and other resources) for use by students and teachers to ensure that the most effective learning takes place.

School Counsellor

School counsellors are experienced teachers who are also psychologists. They assist teachers by strengthening the school's student welfare provisions and provide counselling and psychological assessment of students with specific needs. Their work with teachers in the classroom is designed to improve student learning outcomes. Matters discussed with the counsellor are confidential between the student and the counsellor. Parents may make an appointment to discuss matters of concern with the school counsellor.

Support Teacher/Learning Difficulties

These teachers help students who are having difficulty in learning. They work with regular classroom teachers to help them make the classroom work more manageable. They also help students to be more confident and independent in their learning.

Anti-racism Contact Officer

Racism in all its forms is rejected by the Department. Each school has appointed an anti-racism contact officer to help parents, students or staff experiencing problems with racism and to provide interested parents with copies of the relevant Department policies on this issue. The anti-racism contact officer will listen to the problem and, with the principal, find ways to resolve it as quickly as possible. Contact your principal or the school's anti-racism contact officer for help.