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Shooting Competition - Amit Kumar


Class XII

Year 2015

Name Percentage Scored
Kumari Garima 89%
Shivani Rani 88.6%
Rakesh Pundir 82.8%
Nidhi Negi 81.2%
Rohit Negi 81%

Year 2016

Name Percentage Scored
Priya Rawat 86.8%
Manisha Puri 78.2%
Kumari Anjali 73.2%
Kumari Nagma 62%

Year 2017-18

Toppers' List

Year 2018-19

Toppers' List

Class X

Year 2015-16

Name Percentage Scored
Amit Payaal 76.8%
Kumari Deepika 76.8%
Priyanka Bhatt 76%
Ayush Soyal 71.2%
Adarsh Dhiman 70.6%

Year 2016-17

Name Percentage Scored
Nisha Maliyal 77.8%
Ayush Verma 76.2%
Sagar Dhiman 75.4%
Roli Shree Hindwal 75%
Ritik Bhandari 74.4%

Year 2017-18

Toppers' List

Year 2018-19

Toppers' List 1

Toppers' List 2


  1. Take responsibility for their learning and develop a self-study plan.

  2. Regularly attend their school and other activities.

  3. Obedient and faithful to all elders and take special care of their young one.

  4. Does their homework regularly and attentively.

  5. They should take care of their general health.

  6. They must live their life with discipline.

  7. All students are expected to make conversation in English within and outside the campus.

  8. The students are expected not to wear any kind of ornamental things or any jewellery. They are expected not to use two wheelers and four wheelers until 18 year of age. They are advised not to carry too much money with them in school.